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Minced meat specialties

For sandwich shops: Fried meatball in ‘sausage’ shape (+/- 1 kg)

This fried meatball in 'sausage' form has been specially developed to make sandwiches, both for cold and warm preparations (paninis etc). This allows you to cut nice similar slices (with or without a cutting machine) and you have virtually no cutting loss. Easy to use!

Cold cuts

Meatloaf with (hazel)nuts (specialty of the house)

Available again from now until the End of February 2022!

This oven-baked meatloaf owes its unique taste to the combination of hazelnuts and raisins. Highly recommended!

Cold cuts

Winter meatloaf 6 x 250g

Available from week 40 until mid February 2022.

An oven-baked meat roll with cranberries, apple and a pinch of cinnamon.

Tip: heat up in the oven in slices of +/- 5 mm and present with a mushroom cream sauce (or pepper cream sauce), some stewed chicory and croquettes. This makes the apple and cranberry flavour even more true. Highly recommended for the Christmas and end of year celebrations!