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BBQ products

New: Cooked chicken meatballs (15g)

These are nice round, cooked chicken meatballs which can be marinated to make delicious skewers for the grill or for the BBQ.

They are also perfect for mixing with tomato sauce or for vol-au-vent.

Permanently available from today in 1 kg packs.

Cold cuts

Spring bread

Our oven-baked spring bread is back! This artisanal meatloaf is prepared with fresh vegetables and fine herbs, and afterwards baked in the oven.

Available from now on until +/- August.

Minced meat specialties

Fried chicken meatball 6x100g

This fried meatball is made with only fresh chicken meat and can be consumed either cold or hot. This can be served e.g. in a salad or cut into slices (ca. 0.5cm) with rocket, pineapple and a slice of cheddar cheese between a sandwich of panini.

BBQ products

BBQ sausages 20x75g

Our well-known lightly smoked BBQ sausages (75g) are again available in bulk packaging of 20 pieces from week 13 until the End of September.